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A welcome message from our founder…

The question I am asked most often is, “What is it that makes Great American Clay better than all the other clay on the market”?  In my opinion, that is also the most important question of all. Here is the simple answer, and I like keeping things simple…

According to folks in the know, a series of cataclysmic events occurred 43 million years ago near the southern end of what is now Death Valley, California.  This series of events, which occurred within minutes or at most, days apart, included a meteor strike, accompanied by an immense shower of comets.  This meteor strike, which caused major trauma in the Earth’s outer plate, set off an earthquake, which in turn caused a major volcanic eruption.  That is a unique series of events to befall our little planet, but there is hard evidence that all this occurred just as I stated.  On our web site we offer photos of the meteor, and the obsidian trails of the comet shower.  We also have photos of the lava flow from the resulting volcano, and the miracle volcanic ash deposited across a 50 mile stretch of Death Valley.


For those of you who may not yet know, all Clay is volcanic ash!  So from here, I want to fast forward to the vast differences among various different types of Clays, and in this lies what makes Great American Clay the rarest and most unique Clay on our planet…

All of the thousands of Clays can be rated, or quantified, by asking these 10 questions about each one:

  1. Is it a Calcium Bentonite, rather than a Sodium Bentonite or a different familial genus of clay?
  2. Does the Calcium Bentonite Clay have at least a 9.6 pH?
  3. Is the Calcium Bentonite Clay capable of absorbing and adsorbing positively charged ions?
  4. Is the Calcium Bentonite Clay milled to at least a 325-screen mesh particle? (to a talcum powder fine consistency)
  5. Is it a green/grey swelling clay of the Montmorillonite/Smectite genus?
  6. Is the Calcium Bentonite Clay tasteless and odorless?
  7. Is it a Calcium Bentonite Clay from a sub-surface capped mine which has been protected from all the elements for the millennia since the clay was deposited?
  8. Is it a Calcium Bentonite Clay that has the ability to expand through its absorbency to three times its volume?
  9. Is it an All Natural, 100% pure, Calcium Bentonite Clay, direct from the mine source, which has not needed processing, cleansing, or purification in any fashion?
  10. And most importantly, is it’s efficacy, it’s ability to remove positive charged ions from your body (its effectiveness and drawing power) at least a 30 to 1 ratio?


After 25+ years of research, what we have learned and proven beyond question, is that Great American Clay is the only clay on our planet which can answer YES to every one of these questions!

In short, there is no better detoxifier, cleanser, energizer or restorer for your body than Great American Clay.  We have formulated this unique Clay find to FDA approved standards, so it is safe for you to ingest internally. We have formulated what we believe to be the very best accompanying line of body products available anywhere.  All of our products are made in small batches, by hand, by our Artisanal experts.

We have dedicated this web site to the legions of people on our planet who want to improve the health of not only their skin, but their entire bodies… and on that thought I will share with you our Vision and Goal:


Our Vision:
To assist in Detoxifying our world, one body at a time.


Our Goal:
To provide a full line of ultra-premium body products which will detoxify, both internally and externally, and which assist our customers in improving the overall health of their skin.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are ready to answer your questions about the use of Great American Clay products, and to advise people who want to improve the health of their bodies and the look and feel of their skin.

I welcome you to our web site, and I know you will very shortly discover immense personal value in all of our products.

Thank you for visiting us today…

David Smith

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