New York Calcium Bentonite Detox Products

Hey New York! Looking for the best Calcium Bentonite Detox Products? Great American Clay is a manufacturer/Distributor of the world’s best 100% pure beauty products.

Great American Clay Detox and Beauty Products will assist your body in returning to a perfect balance. Our 100% Pure, All Natural, Calcium Bentonite Clay products are as unique as they are effective. We are the leading provider of our Calcium Bentonite Clay detox to spas and resorts around the world. All of our products are certified as all Natural and all of our Body Creams and specialty products are certified Organic. Our products are specifically formulated to assist your body in looking and feeling it’s best!

New York Calcium Bentonite Clay therapy

Bentonite Clay in basketIt has the ability to cleanse and detox internally and externally, while at the same time bringing balance and equilibrium to the body through its 9.7 pH and its homeostatic ability. Great American Clay is tasteless, odorless, non-gritty, and comes from a subsurface mine protected from the elements. It is milled to a 325 screen mesh for a creamy smooth texture when hydrated. The Great American Clay Company provides unparalleled Quality Control to ensure its purity, and caring people to answer your questions. Simply put, Great American Clay is a catalyst that supports healing. It is used by naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, holistic healers, and medical doctors, around the world, for its amazing abilities.

Hey New York! Never underestimate what clay can do, directly or indirectly, to support good health. Every cell in our body excretes waste material, which can become toxic and poisonous to our bodies if allowed to build up faster than it can be eliminated or filtered out of the body. Therefore, it is imperative to naturally detox to rid yourself of the deleterious effects of impurities and toxins. Calcium Bentonite Clay therapy is the ideal detoxification treatment because it is both safe and effective.
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