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Starting with Clay Therapy


If you‘ve read a few of our previous posts, you’re probably convinced by now that clay therapy can benefit you. How, then, should you begin?

Which products you use, and how you use them, will depend on the nature and the severity of the maladies you want to address- or if you’re not suffering any particular malady, and you just want to maintain health and prevent illness. For most customers, we recommend starting with the clay powder and the hydrating clay masque, and maybe the liquid clay. You may want to add one or more of the soaps and body creme souffles, depending on your needs.

For internal consumption, we recommend starting with one or two teaspoons of the clay powder per day. This will help to detoxify your body and support the health of your organs. If you suffer acid indigestion, the clay will restore pH balance, providing immediate relief. For more serious aliments, increase the dosage.

Mix the clay with water, then let it rest for an hour before ingesting it. Our clay is in the smectite class of green swelling clays, and in water it swells to about three times its dry volume. Do not store the clay in a metal container. Metals compromise its therapeutic efficacy.

The facial masque is an effective cleanser and external detoxifier. Spread a thin layer of the masque over your face and neck. Let it dry. After about thirty minutes, wash it off, and you will wash away contaminants and harmful elements with it.

At first, you may experience worsening skin conditions with clay therapy. This is normal. If it happens to you, don’t panic and stop using the clay. Because our clay works by adsorption and absorption of harmful elements, it may draw subdural lesions to the surface of your skin. For the first time, then, you will see what had been there long before. With continued use, the clay will eventually remove the lesions completely, and your skin will be smooth and free of blemishes.

For intensive whole-body detoxification, immersion of the entire body in hydrated clay is a time-honored, proven, highly effective treatment. Clay baths are the favored form of therapy at many of the world’s most prestigious spas.

When starting your clay bath, add half a cup to a full cup of the clay powder to very warm water. Mix thoroughly. At first, you probably shouldn’t stay in the clay bath longer than twenty to thirty minutes, because intense detoxification may leave you feeling exhausted for an hour or two. Over time, you may want to increase the amount of clay in your bath. Some people may use as much as fifty pounds or more of the clay powder at a time. Adjust your usage to your condition. People with severe ailments, or who want aggressive healing regimens, may need more frequent clay baths, with more of the clay powder mixed into the water.

If you are in normal health, starting with one or two clay baths per week will make sense. If you need more aggressive treatment, three or four baths per week, maybe even one per day, may be necessary.

Because our clay is non-toxic, you can’t use too much, though detoxification may cause some temporary discomfort. It will not aggravate illness. With continued use, any minor temporary discomfort will go away.

In starting your own clay therapy routines, experiment to find the methods and the amounts that work best for you.

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