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Miracle Overnight Eye Cream
Miracle Overnight Eye Cream is an Ultra-Premium Cream specifically for the delicate skin around your eyes. Watch the miracle occur as this delicate skin becomes smoother, brightens in tone and more youthful looking once again. Apply nightly before bed.

Miracle Facial Rejuvenation Cream
Not many of us can say we were looking out for our skin when we were younger. Today, a bit older and much wiser, you can now make amends with this Miracle Facial Rejuvenation Cream. This rich and luxurious blend of organic oils, butters, vitamins and Great American Clay will perfectly hydrate and nourish your skin for a softer and younger feel.

Miracle Age Spot and Blemish Remover
Our Miracle Age Spot and Blemish Remover is an ultra-premium Clay based Cream for use on age spots and blemishes. Watch the Miracle occur as age spots and blemishes slowly and steadily lighten in appearance as they vanish from your body. Simply dab on the spots, rub lightly, then wash off when you like. Reapply 2-3 times a day if you like.

Miracle Wrinkle Rx
Our Miracle Wrinkle Rx is designed and formulated for those of us who could use a little help in fighting back the steady progression of wrinkles. It’s just something that happens as we age, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. And now the help is in hand! Using the power of all natural and organic creams and oils, vitamins and Great American Clay, this Miracle product plumps, rehydrates, improves circulation, tones your skin and smooths away lines while softening your skin. It’s genuinely nothing short of a Miracle!

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