Dry Powder Clay – Full Body Detox 32oz


Dry Powder Clay – Full Body Detox 32oz


What’s in it?

Nature. That’s it. Our 100% percent pure Calcium Bentonite Clay has never been touched by the hands of man until it touches yours.  Packed with healing power and a strong, purely negative magnetic charge, this clay has the ability to draw to itself positively charged and unhealthy molecules.  Approved for internal use by the FDA, Great American Clay is the only clay on the market that proudly stands behind its clay for internal detox and healing. Our clay is milled to a 400 screen mesh and has an astonishing 9.7 pH! This gives the Clay a powerful 37-1 pulling ratio.  No sooner does our Clay hit your skin than the toxins that have been residing in our body raise the white flag to surrender their long held territory.

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Why is it on our starting line up?

The dry powder form of the clay is the most cost effective and gives you the biggest bang for your buck. With this jar you hold one of the world’s strongest detox agent’s, bar none, in your hands. You can mix your powder at different ratios to make detoxifying baths, healing poultices, facial masques or liquid for internal detox cleanses. The applications are literally endless and this avenue gives the user the most versatility on how they choose to use their clay.

  • Removes 10X more toxins than any other brand!
  • Your only source for 100% pure, all natural, Calcium Bentonite Clay
  • Total Body Reset!
  • Use in healing baths, Facial Masques and Internally for Full Body Detox
  • Used by many of the finest Spas and Resorts Worldwide
  • Approved by the FDA as GRAS
  • Detoxes, Alkalizes, Energizes, Cleanses and Balances your Body

Directions and how to use.

To begin your journey to a better, healthier, detoxed you, begin by deciding what mix you would first like to make with your clay.

For a Detox Bath: Hand cast approximately 8 ounces or any amount you might desire, under hot running water as the bath is filling. Once in the bath use your hands to swish and stir around in water, relax and in enjoy as the clay pulls toxins from your body.

For a Masque that will be a game changer for your face, mix the powder at a three to one ratio. Take a ½ cup of dry clay and a 1 ½ cups water, mix in small mixing bowl and leave to set over night.  Masque is ready to use next day.  It takes about 24 hours to fully colodialize and assimilate into its most effective blend.

For Internal Detox and Cleanse, mix the powder and water at an 8 to 1 ratio. In a large mixing bowl take ½ cup of the powdered clay and 4 cups of water. Beat until clay is of a chocolate milk consistency. Allow to sit and colloidalize overnight. Detox Liquid will be ready for internal use the next day.

INCI Ingredients: Bentonite

Product Size:  32oz.