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Detox Clay Powder 8oz



Detox Clay Powder 8oz


Detox Clay Powder is the Premier Clay for detoxing and Deep ­cleansing. It is used by the world‘s finest Spas and Resorts for ­detoxing baths, facials and full body wraps.

All Natural Gluten Free, No Animal Testing Vegan!
It’s the BEST thing you can do for Your Body!

Topical/Facial use: Mix 1 part Clay to 3 parts water. Mix and let stand until smooth (best in 24 hours)
Internal use: Mix 1 Tsp. to 2 oz. water, stir well
Baths: Mix 1 cup Powder Clay into water as tub fills

100% Pure, all Natural, Calcium Bentonite Clay
Natural Filtered Spring Water

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  • Supports your body in balancing, cleansing, detoxing and speeding the healing process of the body.
  • The only known source for 100% pure, all natural Calcium Bentonite Clay on our planet today.
  • Its negative ionic (electro-magnetic on the atomic level) charge gives it a strong attraction ability to capture and discharge positively charged toxins from the body such as viruses, diseases, fungi, bacterium and parasites.
  • It has the ability to cleanse and detox internally and externally, while at the same time bringing balance and equilibrium to the body through its 9.7 pH and its homeostatic ability.
  • It is tasteless, odorless, non-gritty, and comes from a subsurface mine protected from the elements.
  • It is milled to a 325 screen mesh for a creamy smooth texture when hydrated.
  • Great American Clay is a catalyst that supports healing. It is used by naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, holistic healers, and medical doctors, around the world, for its amazing abilities.
  • Our Detox Hydrated Clay is used by some of the finest spas and resorts in the world for facials and full body wraps.
  • It is approved as GRAS by the FDA and may be taken internally or used topically.



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