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Detox Clay Powder – 8lb



Detox Clay Powder – 8lb


Detox Clay Powder is the Premier Clay for detoxing and Deep ­cleansing. It is used by the world‘s finest Spas and Resorts for ­detoxing baths, facials and full body wraps.

All Natural Gluten Free, No Animal Testing Vegan!
It’s the BEST thing you can do for Your Body!

Topical/Facial use: Mix 1 part Clay to 3 parts water. Mix and let stand until smooth (best in 24 hours)
Internal use: Mix 1 Tsp. to 2 oz. water, stir well
Baths: Mix 1 cup Powder Clay into water as tub fills

100% Pure, all Natural, Calcium Bentonite Clay
Natural Filtered Spring Water

If your goal is to Detox your body, our Detox Clay products are certified as GRAS by the FDA and are so pure you and ingest them.  These products are used for both topical and internal detox.  Our Clay is also used for facials, full body wraps and detoxing baths.  Detox Clay Powder remains our best selling and most versatile product and is the go-to choice for those looking to detox both internally and externally. For purely internal use, our Liquid Clay is conveniently formulated to make detoxing even easier. For topical cleansing, our Detox Facial Clay Masque is used by some of the world’s finest spas for facials and body wraps and is formulated and ready for immediate use.

The Great American Clay Company is proud to offer the finest quality Clay based skin care products on our planet to our customers.  Your body will feel noticeably different when you use fewer toxic chemicals on your body through your skincare routine.  All the while you can be detoxing inside and out with our topical and internal cleanse products.

Whether you want to use our 100% pure, all natural, Calcium Bentonite Clay for a deep cleansing detox regimen or as part of a skin-pampering spa treatment at home, you’ll find all the Great American Clay products you need here at The Great American Clay Online Store.  Order online today, and start enjoying the benefits of this natural wonder!

If you’re not sure which Great American Clay products are the best for your needs, or perhaps you want to introduce a friend to the wonderful properties of Great American Clay, please just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to advice.  Here is a little more information about each of these three products…


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