Unicorn Shimmer Scrub
Unicorn Shimmer Scrub Unicorn Shimmer Scrub Unicorn Shimmer Scrub Unicorn Shimmer Scrub
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Unicorn Shimmer Scrub

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πŸ¦„ ✨ WHAT MAKES UNICORNS sparkle and shine? It's Unicorn Shimmer Scrub and the magic that's inside... turns out it works on humans too! After tons of research it's been proven that the same magic that makes unicorns shimmer is also 100% Effective on WOMEN too!

πŸ¦„ ✨ The blend of Moisturizing, Brightening, Exfoliating Sugar, Salt, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils, and the Magical Bentonite Clay really makes your skin Unicorn perfect! It’s AMAZING!!

πŸ¦„ ✨ Can you scrub your way to unicorn-status? H#ll yes! Our new shimmer scrub contains everything to give your skin the perfect, subtle glow... it's relaxing, an exfoliator (kinda scary), it detoxifies, is anti-aging, and a great dry brushing compound (see unicorn care).

πŸ¦„ ✨ What is the magic ingredient? Shhhhh swear to not tell? It's Calcium Bentonite Clay!! Ours is the only remaining 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay left in the world! It's a powerfully potent detox agent that rids your body of harmful toxins. Because honestly, who needs toxins? Not you, not Unicorns, not anybody!Β 

πŸ¦„ ✨ This deeply hydrating body scrub exfoliator is great for dry spots like your elbows and knees. Can also be used as a body wash, facial scrub, and lip scrub/lip exfoliator. A perfect addition to your anti-aging products! Hey it works for Unicorns why not for you!

Type: Bath & Body