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Personal testimonies are not the only evidence we should seek regarding the efficacy of a health care regimen, but they can help to clarify what we can expect. At any rate, I thought you might find it helpful to know about my own results with clay therapy.

I began using Great American Clay products in late July, after David Smith contacted me about writing a blog for this site. Mr. Smith was familiar with my work on other commercial websites and corporate newsletters. I was skeptical about therapeutic clay at first, but Mr. Smith explained to me in detail how it works, and he gave me a book he had written on the subject a decade before.

When we agreed to work together, Mr. Smith gave me a sample basket of the company’s products. I gave the hydrating souffles to a lady friend, and used the liquid clay, the clay powder, and the hydrated clay masque for myself.

The most immediate result from my internal use of the liquid clay was relief of digestive ailments. For decades, I’ve suffered frequent severe heartburn, and I didn’t want to continue using conventional antacids because I was concerned about long-term side effects. The clay provided instant relief. I seldom suffer heartburn anymore, and when I do endure an occasional flareup, an ounce or two of the liquid clay ends it.

About two months ago, one of my front teeth began to ache severely. I packed moistened clay into the affected tooth. This ended the ache, and the clay seems to have promoted some regrowth of enamel and the partial filling of a cavity. Whatever the reason, the cavity is smaller.

The results I’ve seen from use of the facial masque are less conclusive, though it’s obvious the clay is affecting my skin’s health. There was a scab on the bridge of my nose where I had scraped away a persistent lesion caused by sun exposure. After about two week’s use of the clay, the scab was gone, leaving no trace but a slight depression. The lesion never returned.

The overall geography of my face has undergone obvious change. Before I began using the clay masque, I had two patches of actinic keratosis, potentially cancerous lesions, on my left cheek. Each was about half an inch in diameter. One of the patches is almost gone. The other is smaller, but much darker than it used to be.

A greenish gray blemish, about three quarters of an inch in diameter, appeared below my right eyebrow about a month after I began using the clay. It hasn’t gone yet, though I believe it is slightly lighter in color than it was at first.

I was concerned for a while about the appearance of a new blemish, but Mr. Smith explained that this is consistent with clay’s therapeutic function. Skin problems, he said, will usually worsen with clay therapy before they get better. The clay carries a 100% negative charge, and elements that can harm our bodies carry overwhelmingly positive charges. You may remember from grade school science that like charges attract, and unlike charges repel each other. The clay attracts positively charged cancer cells or other abnormalities, bringing them to the surface before we wash them away. Since many of these abnormalities are subdural, we can’t see them before the clay begins pulling them to the surface. With continued use of the clay masque, they will disappear eventually.

The clay certainly has affected the look of my skin, though it still needs improvement. With continued use of Great American Clay, I fully expect the remaining blemishes on my face to disappear within another three months. I will give you updates about my progress.

My personal story is not as dramatic as some I’ve read or heard. It may be that I haven’t used as much of the product as some people have, or that my health was not very bad to begin with. My personal experience doesn’t offer as plain a before-and-after contrast as some accounts do. Still, clay therapy has brought me obvious benefits. I expect it will benefit you, too.

Perhaps you would like to tell us about your personal experience with clay therapy. If you do, we’d love to hear it.

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