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ORIGIN: Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay

ORIGIN: Calcium Bentonite Clay

Our story begins with one of the most dramatic and unusual events in the history of the planet. Forty-three million years ago, a meteor more than 120 feet in diameter, accompanied by a comet shower, slammed into a mountain near what is now Tecopa Hot Springs, California. This is near the south end of Death Valley.

The comets ionized the air they passed through, imbuing it with a strong negative charge. The meteor shattered the mountain, shifting its plates more than forty feet. Secondary impacts activated a nearby volcano. The comets burned narrow holes into the earth, rapidly melting and crystallizing the surrounding rock, which became veins of obsidian, a black glass usually formed by volcanic activity.

The volcano erupted, hurling superheated ash into the newly ionized air. Heavier ash settled onto the land and into a nearby 150-acre salt lake. Still extremely hot, the ash boiled the lake water, the heat helping it combine thoroughly with the minerals and vegetation in the lake.

Over millions of years, the ionized volcanic ash in the lake bed became calcium bentonite clay.

The lighter ash settled later, and did not mix with the salt water. As the lake dried out, the lighter ash became zeolite, and it formed a tight seal over the heavier minerals in the lake bed.


The sequence of events described above is extremely rare. Only a handful of meteor strikes in the history of the planet have been accompanied by comet showers, only two such meteor strikes are confirmed to have occurred near salt lakes, and very few volcanoes have ever erupted near salt lakes.

Why is this important? It matters because this precise combination of events determined the quality of our products. The calcium bentonite clay’s negative charge- a result of the comet shower- is essential to its therapeutic effectiveness. The salt lake was necessary for its purity, the heavy ash that settled on the land being dispersed by the wind, leaving it subject to contamination by other minerals. The zeolite cap over the lake sealed the calcium bentonite clay deposit in it., further protecting it from contamination. The third best calcium bentonite clay deposit in the world, near Furnace Creek at the north end of Death Valley, was not sealed. It is only 97% pure. This may seem a small difference, but this much impurity reduces therapeutic efficacy by nearly two thirds.

For the best in healing clay, you need calcium bentonite. For the purest in calcium bentonite clay, you need Great American Clay.

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