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Is immortality possible?



Most of us think of immortality as a spiritual concept. Major religions teach us that if we live virtuous lives, or if we are touched by Divine Grace, we can live forever. This is the afterlife, though. We don’t expect our presence on this world to last longer than a few decades.

It may surprise you to learn that some scientists believe that animal life could become immortal.

Natasha Lee addressed this question in an article titled: Could Detoxification Be the Fountain of Youth? She cited an experiment at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in the early twentieth century. Dr. Alexis Carrel, a lead researcher at Rockefeller, immersed cells from a chicken embryo in a solution of water with all of the nutrients needed to support life. The cells ingested nutrients from the solution, and excreted their wastes into it. All Carrel did to support the cells was to replace the nutrient solution daily.

The chicken cells lived for twenty-nine years, dying one night when Dr. Carrel’s assistant forgot to change the solution. How much longer could these cells have been kept alive? We don’t know, but twenty-nine years is an impressive span, since chickens live for an average of seven years.

From this experiment, Dr. Carrel concluded that the cell is potentially immortal. It is the surrounding fluid that ages and rots. “The cell is immortal”, he said. “Renew this fluid at intervals, give it something on which to feed, and so far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever.”

Every living cell excretes waste material. If the waste accumulates faster than we can replace the fluid surrounding it, the toxins in the waste will kill the cell. Natasha Lee concludes from this that time may be irrelevant. With proper nutrition, plenty of pure water, and regular detoxification, she says, our bodies shouldn’t age. “Time alone is not a disease or poison”, she wrote. “It is the toxins that accumulate with time that the body cannot withstand…  In other words, time alone is not the cause of death.”

We have to emphasize here that this post is for educational purpose only. We are not qualified to diagnose or treat any illness. If you suffer any illness or ailment, we advise you to consult a qualified physician.

Still, Dr. Carrel’s experiment offers a tantalizing hint that, even if immortality is out of reach, proper nutrition, detoxification, and hydration could prolong life. They certainly couldn’t hurt.

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Perhaps immortality will always be out of reach. Perhaps scientists will prove conclusively that immortality is attainable. Until then, we have to do the best we can to prolong life and health. This includes regular detoxification.

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