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Holidays with Clay


With several holidays coming up in quick succession, this is a good time to explore how calcium bentonite clay can enhance them. You may be thinking: “What? I know clay therapy is important to my health, but what does it have to do with the holidays?”

You may be surprised, then, at how much your celebration can be enhanced with our clay.

Consider, for example, just the holidays coming up in the next two months: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

Halloween is next Saturday. Zombies are a popular Halloween theme- maybe the most popular of all. For a convincing zombie look, apply a thin layer of our clay masque all over your face, your neck, and the backs of your hands. As it dries, the clay will crack and turn gray, imparting to you the desiccated, ashen look of the undead. To simulate blood, add red food coloring.

The excess common with the Thanksgiving feast could cause indigestion. To forestall the problem, drink an ounce or two of our liquid clay before eating. The clay will help neutralize excess stomach acid, and without the side effects common to commercial antacids. If the problem persists, another ounce of liquid clay should provide the relief you need.

Our clay makes an outstanding Christmas gift, one sure to be appreciated by any health-conscious or beauty-conscious friend. Our natural bar soaps make outstanding stocking stuffers. For anyone interested in skin care, give our Miracle Facial Rejuvenation Creme, Body Creme Souffle, or Hydrated Clay Masque.

If you’re planning a big New Year’s Eve celebration, you’d be wise to keep plenty of our clay handy. Excessive drinking is common on the holiday. If you drink too much, you can alleviate the effects of a hangover by drinking an ounce or two of our liquid clay. On January 1, begin the New Year the right way, by detoxifying your body with a clay bath. Mix two or three cups of our calcium bentonite clay into a tub filled with very warm water- nearly as hot as you can stand. Soak in the tub for twenty or thirty minutes. The negatively charged clay will draw toxins, which are positively charged, out your body.

Detoxification should be a regular part of your health maintenance regimen.

These are a few ideas for using clay to enhance the next few upcoming holidays. Perhaps you can think of others. Always use Great American Clay, the only 100% pure all natural calcium bentonite clay on the market, and the only clay certified by the FDA as safe for internal consumption.

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