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Health Without Obsession


What are the keys to vibrant health? What do you have to do to be as strong, as fit, and as resistant to illness as possible?

If you visit websites extolling one natural remedy or another, the subject can become awfully confusing. Some merchants try to convince you they are selling magic potions, cures so powerful they will cancel out the consequences of any slovenly habits you may have.

We don’t promise miracles here. Guided by sound science, we offer products proven to work. We have never said, though, that if you use our products you can get away with neglecting the other habits necessary for sound health.

What do you need, then? Can you take reasonable steps to insure robust health, without becoming obsessive about it?

We believe there are a few essential disciplines that will make a critical difference in your well-being. Make them your habits, and you probably won’t need to worry about your physical condition. These essential disciplines are:

Hydration:  Water is the universal solvent. Without it, the cells in your body will drown in their own excrement. How much you need to drink will depend on on your weight, your activity level, your consumption of sugar, alcohol, or other diuretics, and the ambient heat and humidity. Be sure to drink enough. The color of your urine is often the best measure of fluid balance, orange or dark yellow indicating dehydration. Brown urine indicates extreme dehydration. We wouldn’t say you can never indulge in alcohol, soda, or juice, but the bulk of your fluid intake should be pure water, without sweeteners or flavoring.

Nutrition:  Without a well-balanced diet, you will will be weak and sickly. Be sure that your diet encompasses all of the major food groups. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; and sharply limit refined sugar and flour. Eat real butter and eggs instead of margarine and egg substitutes. If your schedule is so tight that you often resort to fast food restaurants or vending machines, then you may need a good vitamin or mineral supplement.

Detoxification:  This is where we come in. Detoxification may be the most underrated of the keys to health maintenance. It’s a vital practice, though it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and it can make a huge difference in your energy level, skin tone, and overall health. With adequate detoxification, all of your body’s systems will function more efficiently. Without it, no organ in your body will be completely healthy.

For the most effective external and internal detoxification, use our clay. It is the only 100% pure all natural calcium bentonite clay on the market, and the only one certified by the FDA as safe for internal consumption.

Exercise:   If you never move, you will be weak. A complete fitness program combines aerobic and strength training. Aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, rowing, or dancing enhance heart and lung development.  If you want to be strong and flexible, though, you will need to lift weights. You will run faster, you will throw a ball farther, and you’ll even be a better dancer after a few weeks of weight training. Speed, flexibility, and balance depend on efficient muscles.

Sleep:   How much you need will depend on your circumstances and metabolism. You will need nightly (or daily) deep sleep to refresh your nerves and brain.

Sunlight:  This is often neglected, since most of us now work indoors. Without adequate sunlight, you will be critically short of vitamin D. If you live in a climate where the sky is overcast for much of the year. light use of tanning lamps may help. You will need balanced light, with UVA and infrared rays. Don’t overdo it. For artificial tanning, a few minutes per day is enough.

Hygiene:   Bathe or shower regularly, and brush or floss your teeth. These habits not only enhance your health, they make you more popular.

Mental state: “Guard your heart”, the Psalmist wrote, “for out of it flow the issues of life.”  Regardless of how thorough your health care regimen is, it will be futile if you are a mental and emotional wreck. Control your temper, and try not to worry about small matters. Among other things, this means not fretting that an occasional dessert will blow your diet, or that you’ll become bloated and weak for missing one or two exercise sessions. Maintain a reasonable perspective- even on health.


Follow these few habits, and you are likely to be healthy and fit. In general, do what your mother told you to do when you were a child: go outside and play, eat your vegetables, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Add our calcium bentonite clay, and you’re likely to lead a long and healthy life.

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