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Customer Stories

My daughter once had very bad acne, now has a beautiful peaches-and-cream complexion using the Hydrated Facial Mask.  She calls it “Zit-Be-Gone!”  My husband swears by the Restorative Body Cream and after just two applications on his never-healing cracked heels now has soft smooth heels.  It really is a miracle!  Speaking of miracles, the Miracle Wrinkle Release cream has taken years off my face.  I’ve never seen anything work this quickly and this effectively.  I drink the Daily Detox Drink and not only have I dropped 8 lbs in the first month, my energy levels have skyrocketed!  My son asked me what I was drinking and couldn’t believe me when I told him what it was but now he drinks it too.  He’s very active but has noticed higher levels of energy.  This Clay really is something!

Carla J, Attorney

When my sister asked me what I was using on my skin, I told her it was 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay.  After a few more questions and answers she asked, “So what does it do for your face”? I said, “Not much really, it just makes it softer, cleaner, smoother, tighter, and prettier, that’s all…”  After a long staring pause she said, “Shelly, your complexion looks like it did when you were 20”… And the punchline to this story is that I am 43 years old.  Thanks Great American Clay!

—Shelly K, Real Estate Agent

On the weekend I got into some ants I did not see in our yard.  I got lots of little stinging bites on my feet and legs and one up high.  My mom put the hose on me and washed them all off but it was stinging all over.  My Mom put some clay all over the bites and in only about 15 seconds all of the stinging stopped and it quit hurting.  None of them made blisters like normally.  Now its been 2 days and you can’t even see one spot from the bites.  No stinging, no itching, nothing.  Nothing.  I like your clay a lot and think every Mom should have some at home!

—Samuel B, 9 years old, outdoor enthusiast.

I’m not sure why drinking clay has the effect it does, and it is probably best I don’t know.  I might talk myself out of using it… Sometimes for me too much information is a curse. What I do know is that I had IBD for 5 years and for the past 6 months it has disappeared.  It is GONE!  I can’t remember a single week in my life where I had not had discomfort. Promise me you won’t run out!

—Kaitlyn R, Concert Promoter

Your products are little jars and bottles of Miracles!  Today I drink your Daily Detox Drink  and no longer have any acid reflux.  My intermittent outbreaks of psoriasis have gone completely away using the Hydrated Facial Mask. And your Overnight Eye Cream has tightened the wrinkled and darkened skin under and around my eyes. Now, only small trace lines when I smile from where the wrinkles used to live… The dark bags are COMPLETELY gone and the skin color and tone back to normal. I will forever be a customer!

—Beverly W, Artisan Jewler

I began buying your clay powder about a year ago and was putting it in my daily Smoothies.  Then I read your founder David Smith’s book and discovered the never ending uses of your clay. Amazing, simply amazing. So simple, can do no harm, cleans, energizes, alkalizes, and detoxes – and all for less than 50 cents a day – unbelievable.  You should do a recipe book for smoothies.

—Margaret J, World Traveler

Your new Spa Line is absolutely the best! The Gommage and Hydrating Serum have completely rejuvenated my face and neck. I could go on and on about all of your products but that won’t give someone the experience for themselves. To anyone who wants to feel better and look younger, buy these products, use them, and then tell others of your experience…You will be glad you did, I promise!

—Beverly G, Film Producer

I had high metal toxicity and my doctor told me I needed a complete detox of my body. He did a hair test and the numbers were dangerously high. I began using your Daily Detox Drink  and now, 5 weeks later my numbers are half what they were. He expects me to be back in normal range in another 1-2 weeks.  Also I have more energy, more strength, and seem to be having better digestion as well. And I thought I was just getting old. HA! I was getting poisoned!  Your clay drink is literally a lifesaver.

—James R, Graphic Designer

Since I learned on your web site what questions to ask of other clay companies when gathering information about their clay product, I have learned why they don’t like to talk to customers who know what questions to ask. And you were right, they don’t publish their technical or spec documents – no MSDS sheet, no chemical analysis, no FDA letter of approval, no nothing!  I have been looking carefully for over one year now and you really are the only 100% pure Calcium Bentonite Clay source with FDA GRAS approval anywhere!  Congrats.  I hope everyone learns how to read labels and when they say “Not for Internal Use” on their labels, there is a reason that has to be on their label, it’s because their product will make you sick and they are throwing off liability! Thanks for the education!

—Carl M, Retired Golf Instructor