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Claims You Can’t Believe (Mineral Supplements)

When considering any form of natural medicine, always beware of inflated claims. This is particularly true of clay therapy. We believe that our calcium bentonite clay is essential to any personal care regimen, but we have never said that it will perform miracles. Some other providers, though, are not shy about publishing wildly inflated claims.

You’ll get the best value for your money if you understand what clay therapy will do, and what it will not do. To this end, it may help to revisit the means by which clay enhances your health.

As you may remember from grade school physics, like magnetic poles repel each other, and unlike poles attract. Our clay carries a 100% negative charge. Parasites, toxins, and bacteria carry overwhelmingly positive charges. Our calcium bentonite clay attracts and holds these positively charged elements until your digestive system passes them out of your body, or you wash them off of your skin. The clay retains its molecular integrity. It won’t break down in or on your body, so it can’t become hair, skin, muscle. fat, or other living tissue.

Clay therapy, then, is subtractive, not additive. It benefits you by what it removes from your body, not by adding vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients. For this reason, we don’t promote it as a diet supplement.

Other clay providers are not so careful. For example, Shirley’s Wellness Cafe, which sells Terramin, an inferior brand, says this:

…clay helps anemia because it contains both types of dietary iron (ferrous and ferric) in an easily assimilated form…”

Barb’s Wellness offers these two bullet points about its ‘montmorillonite’ clay:

The compound can act as a delivery vehicle for minerals to the skin and body when ingested.”

The right deposits contain a portfolio of macro, micro, and trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silica, copper, chromium, and zinc… all in bio-available form.”

The terms ‘easily assimilated’ and ‘bio-available’ imply that the clay is a mineral supplement.

Clay Remedies says this:

Certain varieties of clay contain minerals in nutritionally significant amounts; it can successfully be taken as a dietary supplement.”

‘Certain varieties’ is a weasel phrase. Clay Remedies avoids legal liability because it doesn’t actually claim that its own clay is a dietary supplement. CR certainly implies it, though.

Sun Clay Therapy says:

Not only does clay assist the body by removing undesirable substances, but it also brings vital energy and minerals that stimulates and nourishes healthy cells and tissues…”

‘Nourishes’ implies addition of a vital substance.

This is a small sample of similar claims made by clay providers. With clay therapy becoming increasingly popular, many more such claims are likely to surface.

If a provider tells you that its clay is a nutrition supplement, can you trust its other claims?

We don’t play this game. We prove any claims we make, and we avoid any claims we can’t prove.

Clay can enhance your diet and supplement use- but only indirectly. By removing toxins and other harmful elements, it clears a path for more effective delivery of nutrients where they’re needed. If vitamins and minerals don’t have to work as hard to counteract toxin buildup, they are more efficient at building healthy tissue. The clay just won’t add nutrients that aren’t otherwise in your body.

Detoxification has long been an overlooked and underrated aspect of health care. Because it is poorly understood, some suppliers exaggerate what their clays will do. Perhaps they feel the need to exaggerate. We don’t. In itself, detoxification is a critical function, and it can make a huge difference in your energy level, skin tone, and overall health. With adequate detoxification, all of your body’s systems will function more efficiently. Without it, no organ in your body will be completely healthy.

We have never said that our clay is all you need to maintain or improve your health. Great American Clay is meant to enhance your current personal care habits, not replace them. To be healthy, you still need a balanced diet and plenty of water, sunshine, and exercise. If your diet is poor, you may need vitamin or mineral supplements. Add internal and external detoxification with our clay, and your health enhancement program is complete.

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