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Cancer: Can Clay Therapy Help?

There is almost nothing you would dread more than a doctor’s diagnosis: “You have cancer.”

What is cancer, then? Officially, it is defined as an “abnormal growth of cells caused by multiple changes in gene expression, leading to a dysregulated balance of cell proliferation and cell death…”*** Put more simply, it is rapidly reproducing, positively charged abnormal cells. The rapidly multiplying cells become tumor cell populations, which invade tissues. They can metastatize, spreading to distant sites. If the growth of abnormal cells is not halted, it leads to rapid decline and death.

Unfortunately, the most common conventional treatments, chemotherapy and radiation, compromise the immune system. For some patients, the cure may often seem worse than the disease. Many, in fact, have died from their cancer treatments. For this reason, and because of debilitating and unpleasant side effects from conventional treatments, many cancer patients are exploring natural medicine. In this, we recommend caution. We don’t claim to diagnose or cure any disease, and we recommend asking your doctor about any natural or alternative therapies you’re considering.

Whatever your treatment regimen is, though, you probably can enhance it with clay therapy.

Since the abnormal cells are positively charged, they will be attracted to our negatively charged clay. With internal and external clay detoxification, you remove malignant cells from your body. Even if this doesn’t cure cancer, it can help inhibit the growth of tumors.

Clay therapy can also help to prevent cancer. The disease thrives, and malignant cells breed most rapidly, in acidic environments. Our 100% calcium bentonite clay is alkaline (pH 9.7). It reduces acidic conditions, restoring balance.

Clay can remove dead cells from the body following chemical or radiation treatments. And by removing the toxic wastes produced by chemotherapy, clay detoxification can mitigate its unpleasant side effects.

Does this mean clay therapy will cure cancer? We have seen many apparent cures, even in cases that seemed beyond the reach of medical science. Of course, we’re not physicians, and we can’t guarantee results. We do know, however, that clay therapy is unlikely to hurt your odds of recovery, and we have seen plenty of evidence that it can help.

(***from Cancer Biology)

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