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Calcium Bentonite Clay

Great American Clay Detox and Beauty Products will assist your body in returning to a perfect balance.  Our 100% Pure, All Natural, Calcium Bentonite Clay products are as unique as they are effective.  We are the leading provider of our Calcium Bentonite Clay detox to spas and resorts around the world.  All of our products are certified as all Natural and all of our Body Creams and specialty products are certified Organic.  Our products are specifically formulated to assist your body in looking and feeling it’s best!

How Bentonite Clay Works

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Our Vision:

To assist in detoxifying our little world, one body at a time…

Sample Sizes

For those of you who are new to the Great American Clay product line, we now offer you Sampler Sizes of all of our full size products. This makes for a very inexpensive way for you to sample several scents of our Body Cream Souffle, as one example. Our best values in Sampler Size products are our Miracle Products at only $6.00 each. We do, however, limit each customer to one of each at these prices… It’s by far the best buy value on our web site. And since you’re here, go ahead and indulge yourself and try a few…

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